Community Association Management Services
555 Sun Valley Dr Suite H3 | Roswell, Georgia 30076 | (678) 397-1282

Services Offered CAMSGA

Community Services

  • Inspect common areas for maintenance
  • Coordinate maintenance on the common areas or elements
  • Inspect units/homes per agreement for PCR compliance
  • Interpret the unit boundaries (from the Declaration)
  • Investigate and document all accidents occurring on the premises
  • Be the point of contact for member, maintenance service requests.
  • Distribute the annual meeting notice

Board Services

  • Help the board determine the need for special assessments
  • Attend board meetings and provide executive director type continuity for the directors.
  • Preserve meeting minutes Get bid on insurances (Fidelity bond, General Liability, Workmen’s Comp, D & O, Property)
  • Consult on insurance types and minimums Assist in handling insurance claims Input the annual budget (consult with Board and Accounting)
  • Coordinate with Association’s legal counsel Handle Association member disputes Facilitate internal communications
  • Assist in policy matters Maintain the community web pages

Financial and Accounting Services

  • Distribute invoices (payment coupons) for payments of assessments and special assessments.
  • Manage the Association’s operating and reserves bank account Issue member noncompliance warnings
  • Pay Association invoices
  • Draft the annual budget
  • Deposit assessments Keep accounting records
  • Provide financial reports monthly, annually, or on demand
  • Provide the Association’s tax preparer with necessary reports to file state and federal income taxes
  • Comply with accounting requirements in the management agreement
  • Recommend necessary maintenance reserves
  • Annually review service contracts and create RFPs as needed

Administrative Services

  • Consult with Association Board on matters of governmental regulation
  • Comply with management requirements in the management agreement Issue noncompliance notices Issue citations for noncompliance
  • Collect assessments and delinquencies Issue closing letters
  • Obtain affirmative authorization for use of email for communication with Association members
  • Monitor Association member requests for records
  • Maintain the current Association member list